About Us

Peanut ingredients are ubiquitous throughout the confectionery, baking, and nutrition products industries. Products incorporating them are an important part of any food company’s portfolio. Consumers trust and appreciate their flavor, texture, and nutritional quality, and food companies constantly search for new and original ways to present peanuts and peanut butter in finished products.
Now Nutrin has developed a line of delicious, cost-effective, and highly functional ingredients which allow product formulators total liberty to include peanuts and peanut butter into products in ways that were previously impossible. By developing a series of technologies to partially or totally remove oil from peanuts, Nutrin has launched a line of functional peanut ingredients which eliminate the problems associated with including peanut ingredients. By applying this technological power to peanuts guaranteed to be of the highest quality, Nutrin now offers its customers a range of functional peanut ingredients that practically guarantee success in any product.
When purchasing a Nutrin ingredient, a customer is guaranteed the highest quality in the world. Aflatoxin, color, flavor, granulation, and bacteriological conditions are carefully monitored through each step of the manufacturing process. Each Nutrin shipment is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis valid for that specific lot. And Nutrin customer service is unmatched anywhere in the world. We welcome all inquiries, and work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive the products they need, at competitive prices, with the best possible quality.